Department of Industry, Commerce & Enterprises
Government of West Bengal

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To make West Bengal emerge as one of the top industrial destinations in India by providing the most enabling ecosystems to support and nurture large industries and start-up entrepreneurship in the State.

To explore and develop the huge mineral reserves of the state and build a local base of raw material and energy resources to give a permanent edge to the local industries.


To make the State of West Bengal the regional industrial growth engine in Eastern India driving the trade and commerce with the neighbouring countries and states. To develop the largest logistics hub of International standard in the region with enablers like e-Commerce, design and innovation center, export hub with excellent port, air, road and railway network.

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JSW Salboni

"Without industry we can not grow, without agriculture we can not grow - industry and agriculture are like two sisters - let them always smile" (BGBS - 2018)

- Mamata Banerjee
Hon'ble Chief Minister